Substance Abuse Prevention

The Teen Health Connection Youth Drug Free Coalition encourages parents and teens to make a pledge to prevent underage drinking and prescription drug misuse.

Alcohol is the most frequently used and abused drug among youth. The average age at which young people begin to drink is 13 years old. 25% of teens even reported that their parents supplied them with alcohol.

According to research as many as 1 in 5 teens reported that they have taken a prescription drug without having a prescription for it. The vast majority of teens abusing prescription drugs are getting them from the medicine cabinets of friends, family and acquaintances. Parents are also not communicating the risks of prescription drug misuse and abuse as often as they talk about illegal drugs.

Data from the Underage Drinking Survey by the American Medical Association and DrugFree.org

We encourage parents and teens to take the pledge so that we can prevent teen substance use and fulfill our vision of every adolescent to be healthy, safe and successful.


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